Affordable Golf Clothes

I haven’t been thrift store shopping in awhile, but last Friday when I was waiting for the door guys to get here I had some time on my hands.

I figured I would go and find a couple of collared shirts, if I was lucky.

But wow, was I ever lucky!

I got all this:


Eight Shirts and 4 Skorts for the grand total of less than $60.00!!!!


Seriously, you can’t find one golf SHIRT for that price.  Golf clothes are super expensive.

I picked up some great brands:


And even…


The best part about it…


Is that my kid loves them.  She is not too proud (yet) to wear second hand.  For that I am grateful.


A couple are for me, I got one tan and one black collared shirt.  so I am set too.

My kid really needed these skorts, she already wore one on Saturday and look so pro!


(sorry for the blur)!

One of these even had a price tag still on it!


That skort cost as much as all of these clothes put together if I were to buy it brand new.

I love good deals!  I love going to the thrift store for specific things only.  It keeps me  from buying junk I don’t need.

That’s pretty much how I go to any store these days.  I have a specific need and try to stick to it.

Okay, but when I went to the market yesterday, I picked up a couple cans of Salmon because I found  a recipe for Salmon patties that I am trying today.


I’m using up the almond flour that is in my fridge, and will be back tomorrow to share that recipe with you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Affordable Golf Clothes

    • I know, I think people start those sports, get all suited up and then decide they don’t like it and donate BRAND NEW to the thrifts! My gain! 😉

  1. Wow. Great deals! I had no idea golfing outfits were that expensive, considering how… simple they are. But hey, it’s a sport, so they get permission to charge what they want. You did great, and nobody in the field would know or even guess her clothes are second hand.

  2. I love the consignment stores. Second Time Around is one of my favs – high quality clothing, some new with the tags still on, and very inexpensive.

    My favourite power outfit is a skirt from the consignment store, a Ferragamo that paid $80 or so for it (a huge splurge, but not the hundreds it would retail for), a cream silk jacket that I bought at Ann Taylor for $44 (down from almost $300), and heels from DSW. It’s an incredible outfit that cost me about what a JC Penny suit would cost, but looks incredible.

    So yes, rock the secondhand stores and the crazy end of season sales. No one knows unless you tell them.

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