Paleo Salmon Cakes

I am still trying to eat as clean as possible (even when I mess up, I try to get right back on that wagon).  I found this AWESOME recipe online that I want to share with you.

Please follow the link to the original website at the bottom of the page for REALLY GREAT instructions and the full printable recipe.  I don’t do many recipes, my blog is about making it thru this darn BK and one way to do that is to find inexpensive ways to eat.  This is an inexpensive nutritional powerhouse!

I hope you try this as well as some of the other recipes that site offers!  Don’t let the word Paleo put you off, just add  bread crumbs instead of almond flour and BAM, its Normal Eating!  😉

I start by putting my laptop on the counter and getting everything ready.  Saves me from printing out to my wacky printer.  Yet another thing that is dying to be replaced!  😉




I nuked the sweet potato.  You cannot taste the sweet potato in this recipe!


Then follow the directions and get it all put together.


Then open the salmon.  I will not shock you what you will find in those cans!  But here is a picture of it cleaned up pretty good.  (The original website has excellent photos of what to do here.)


I gave my kitties the liquid, she loved it.  I was thinking that it should be saved for soup!

Add the salmon to the bowl and mix it up.  Then use a 1/3 cup to make the patties.  Put them a cookie sheet with wax paper the put them in the fridge for 30 minutes or longer.  I didn’t get 12~  I never get as many as cookies or anything when I make stuff!  Why is that!?!


Then put some oil in the pan and fry those babies up.  I went ahead and used coconut oil because I have a huge VAT!


I cooked on medium for about five minutes, then turned them over gently.  I didn’t mess with them.  After I turned them I squished them a little.  That’s professional chef talk, Squish!

These came out so yummy!  I almost added some Old Bay but these were perfect, I wouldn’t add a thing.  I just put one (okay and another one) on a bed of spring greens and topped with some dill sauce.


I have some for my lunch today and tomorrow as well as enough to grab for a snack, right out of the fridge.


These are good!!!

The salmon I bought was $3.50 a can.  I think that I will be getting lots of meals and snacks, so that is relatively inexpensive.  I have seen salmon on sale at CVS for way less than that, so keep your eyes open.  I know I sure will.  Great pantry staple.

Check out this website for more great recipes!

Note:  I missed the 52 Week Challenge on Sunday, so I have an I.O.U. for $12.00!  Did you miss, how you doing?  It really is a challenge!

Note 2:  OMG, come back tomorrow for some SUPER Inexpensive and fast, TO.DIE.FOR Cheeseburger quesadillas.

Yes, you read that right!  Gotta run they are getting cold.


3 thoughts on “Paleo Salmon Cakes

  1. I’m up for cheeseburger quesadillas. Those salmon patties look interesting. I had never seen whole salmon fillets in cans, that’s for sure.

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