Cheeseburger Quesadillas

This is the post I was supposed to share last night. Oh well, better late then never!  Try this!  My girlfriend made BACON Cheeseburger ones!

I promise this is not turning into a food blog.

Like.. there are a gazillion of those (and I love lots of them).  I found some really good things out there to cook up that are fast and inexpensive lately!

Like this bad boy.


Golden, toasty, melty Cheeseburger Quesadillas that tastes just like a Double Double.   😉  Or a Big Mac.  Hey, put some Thousand Island on it and it would give Micky D’s a run for their money.

This recipe is so weird and so good that it blew me away last night night before last when I tasted it.

Here’s how you whip this up in literally moments.  All you need is shown here.

(Go to website listed at bottom of page for printable list and perfect instructions.)

(and onion and beef, not shown)

I started with FROZEN Ground Beef!

I took it out of the freezer, put a little water in the pan and turned that baby UP.  Put a lid on it so that the steam helps to cook up the beef. As it browns, you scrape it off – so that it can brown up again. Its  a brown up, scrape off process.

You can go from frozen to browned ground in five!


When that is almost done, add the chopped onion.  I always change up recipes, even if just a little.

I prefer to have cooked onions!


When that is nicely brown then you add in ketchup, mustard and then a bit of Worcestershire sauce.


A large squirt for ketchup, a smaller squirt for the mustard and just enough Worcestershire sauce that it doesn’t get too wet.

Mix it up and set it aside.

Next, put a little butter in a flat, medium high heat pan and put in your flour tortilla.  Add 1/4 or less of the mixture to one side of the tortilla.

Here’s where I add tomato:


Then cheese:


Then fold it gently:


I realized I had created a monster!  OMG, this thing is a meal.

Wait for it to get golden and then flip it.


This is so good.


I didn’t even wait to make a salad or anything, this was perfect by itself.  It would have been healthier with a salad for sure.  You would have the hot gooey and the cool crispy lettuce thing going on! Yum!

The only thing that was not good for me was the tortilla and the sugar in the ketchup.  I use Grass Fed Beef always these days.

I can’t wait to make some for my daughter; she will LOVE it.

Check out this website for great pictures and printable recipes.  website

Kristin is expecting her first baby boy any day now, so wish her well while you are there!

OMG, you are not going to believe what is going on, I feel like I am in the twilight zone!  I am sworn to secrecy but as soon as its over, OMG, I can’t wait to share!

2 thoughts on “Cheeseburger Quesadillas

  1. The recipe did not disappoint. Definitely something worth trying. I haven’t found any decent tortillas, but I do have some dough on the fridge which will make a good sub. I’ll definitely try this later in August. Thanks for sharing!

    • How come you can’t find tortillas? Every market has them!!! I know there are some recipes on the internet to make your own, I have thought about it, but they are so available here, maybe because its southern California. Where are you? I thought San Fran for some reason.
      Will have to go find out! 😉

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