August Is Here… Random Stuff

August is so busy!  Yes?


On the 7th my kid tries out for the high school,  freshman year golf team.


She has been working so hard, practicing at least 4 times a week at the driving range.  I think she has a great shot at it.  Sadly her last golf lesson is this Saturday too!

The week of the 11th, she’s in a high school orientation class, that runs from 9:00 to 1:00 every day.


This will also be part of her registration process and that is where I come in with the CASH!


The 19th is Parent Night at the school, those are always fun, aren’t they?   (not)

We are having another garage sale at a friends house on the 24th.


That will be a little extra to help for school supplies and clothes that need to be purchased at some point this month.


My kid starts the first day of high school, Ah Hem… HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! on the 28th.


This month will be my 10th payment to the plan!  Getting into the double digits!!!


I will have to paint my pretty white door at some point this month.


I don’t want to paint my door!  But life is not always about what we want is it?  Waaaaaa!   HOA!!! ARG!

That is August in a nutshell for me and I’m sure there are many other things that will come up!

Speaking of the unexpected!

This morning I step out of the shower and I see water on the floor all the way around the the toilet!  Shriek!!!    My heart starts racing and I step out of the shower in my B-day suit to take a closer look.  I thought, Oh My God, what now? Wha????

So then… naturally I had to go to the bathroom!  This. my friends is the only toilet we own.  So I did my business and quickly got up to see if more water would come out and from where when I flush.

I noticed it dripping off the bottom of the tank.  Whew, I thought this is an easy fix – probably just a bolt or washer or something.

Then my kid had to… go!  So we watched it again, both of us standing there staring at it like its THE most interesting subject in the world.   She noticed that some water was actually coming down from the TOP of the tank.  So I quickly removed the tank lid and got a FACE FULL of water!  Thank you!

The little hose thingy that goes in the tube had come out of the tube and was spraying straight out the side of the tank lid!

Straight into my face!  Yep.  She laughed so hard!

I stuck the darn thing back in the tube and continued to get ready for work!

Don’t you wish all plumbing jobs were so easy!

How random was that?

Ain’t life grand!

3 thoughts on “August Is Here… Random Stuff

  1. Haha. Very nice. Glad the plumbing job was an easy one. Nothing like water on the floor anywhere to freak someone out. Busy month for you. Good luck with it all!

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