Never Boring

Even though I don’t travel or have lots of dinner parties or attend parties or have a wonderful eclectic circle of sophisticated friends, I’m never bored. For that I am grateful!

Today started out with a walk around the lake with my daughter, a golf lesson for her and the driving range for me and then back home for our Spanish class.

Then she went off to spend the night with her camp!

I spent the day finally getting things back up on the walls!  I know it is taking me quite some time.  I also finished touching up the ceiling.  Done!

The bathroom:


The bath with the mirror back up!


It totally looks too small!  But its really not in person!

The other wall:


The pictures back up:


My bedroom:


With the mirror:


That is a really nice mirror!  I’m so glad I found a place for it.

The bath without much:


The bath with flowers:


Remember when I bought these flowers in Santa Barbara?


I love them.

Then we went to Kohl’s and I bought some half off candles.  (I saved so much money with coupons) Okay, these are not real candles because even though I love them, I’m so done with the mess they make!  I bought these.


They are great!  They smell like vanilla and I also bought some tea lights!


I think that would be cute filled with pearls (I put pearls and they are so cute, I will show you) or small silk flowers!  I love that I splurged and bought these candles.  Half Off!

After all that we headed out to a new place in the area!


This place is so interesting.  You go to a counter and order what you want, they bring it to you. But first you go to the wine bar and order your wine.


We ordered a flight each, very reasonable.   The kebobs we ordered at the counter showed up and the feast and fun was on!


So much fun!


Three different wines  a piece to try!


There was not a bad one in the bunch!  I find I am a Reising girl, not too sweet! Just right!

We had some live music too!


It was so nice to go out and spend a few minutes enjoying wine and music.

I’m not bored.  I’m lucky.  I love where I live and I love my small life.   Life is what you make it, I truly believe that now!

Its not glamorous by any stretch, but it is getting more comfy every day.

I’m grateful for today!

See you tomorrow friends.


One thought on “Never Boring

  1. My boyfriend has those candles!

    Hey, wine tasting on a patio sounds pretty posh to me. My weekend involved board games and a Board of Directors meeting.

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