52 Week Challenge / Farmers Market

Hello!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was not too shabby, as my dad used to say!

Got caught up on my 52 Week Challenge –  in went $25.00 today.  On my way to my kids first car!


Then I spent most of the day doing laundry, etc.  You know, putzing!  I love Sunday putzing!

The funny thing is, I live right across the street from a Farmers Market they have every single Sunday and I NEVER go!

So today we decided to check it out!


There’s a million things to choose from and everything is organic and fresh!


Have you ever seen such big peanuts??


And the berries, 3 cartons for 5.00.  I will pick some up next weekend!  Beautiful!


The prettiest flower selection too!


But again, sadly, not today.  Not in the budget!


Every fruit, every veggie!


Next week!  I will be back for that!


This week, my money was spent on the organic, hormone, antibiotic free Beef.


I got five pounds for 30.00!  I know, kind of high, but worth it and I budget for it.  Grass fed too.

So tonight I sautéed up some onions and mushrooms and had them with a beef patty.  Not bad and mushrooms are a Super Food to boot!

Do you have a farmers market near you?  Do you find it reasonable or if not , do you think it is worth the extra money?

See you manana~


4 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge / Farmers Market

  1. The one near me is absurdly expensive. I went once and never returned. Haymarket is cheap, but it’s in Boston and the produce looks icky.

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