Golf Tryout Day One

Today was the big day!  My daughter had her first day of tryouts.


It was a gorgeous day and I was surprised to see how many girls actually were trying out!

My kid lined up some balls and started practicing.


Then she met another girl who was trying out.


They hit some balls and then all of a sudden:


The coach got up and came over and told all the girls to go to the first Tee!

Wha?  He told us that they were gonna go play nine holes!  I had no idea!

So off they went out there.


I hit the rest of her balls and came back and hung out!


I was and still am a nervous wreck.

When she got back she was not pleased, she found out there is some pretty stiff competition!

There is no JV here, they are competing for some spots on the Golf team, Seniors and all!

Next Wednesday, these girls were invited back to play again with the coach.  There will be even more girls there trying out who weren’t there today.

My kid will be there, and I think she will be less nervous and it will be better.  Hopefully!

We won’t know until next Thursday if she gets on the team or not.

I hope she does, because if not, not only will she be devastated, but I will too!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

6 thoughts on “Golf Tryout Day One

    • I know. Today one of the other moms said this coach is really all out for the boys team too, so its a Wham Whammo situation. I sure hope she gets it though!

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