Back to School Season Budget

We all have to budget.  During a Chapter 13 you really have to budget.  I’m not doing a very good job because I don’t set anything aside per my budget for Car maint, House maint, Medical, etc.  The things that were stipulated in the proposed budget!!!

I just kind of look to see what I need for a specific paycheck and stay within that amount.  But if something comes up?

As soon as all this school stuff is paid for,  I’m going to really start categorizing my per the budget I was given. 

If I don’t, I am going to start hurting very quickly. 

So here is the scoop.   Right now, I am in Check No. 1. 


Those are my household needs that need to be covered during this paycheck. 

Here is my daughters school clothes request list, that does not include shoes or supplies.  The only supply on it is the backpack!


I took her list and then added it with Sales Tax.


Here is the list I was given from the school and this needs to be paid for next week as well.


Then I made a list of my own that combined all those costs!


I started with the balance in my check book.  I added in things like hair, shoes and manicure for her. 

I am left with 61.00 to last me until next paycheck.

I will def. be able to stretch our groceries.  That is the only wiggle room I have and I suppose, she doesn’t need everything on that damn list!!!

My hair is way over do and she wants to get her ends done.  I KNOW.  But there is this new thing called Ombre and all the California girls are doing it and it is either that or a nose pierce.  Ugh!


I think its kind of pretty.

I also think my kid is working hard and what’s a little beach on the ends?  Meh!  I think if I give her a little freedom, it will go a long way to keep the peace. 

So that is my next two weeks financially.  Wish me luck!


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