I’m a Winner

Today was crazy!  As is this whole month!

We got up and took our walk, came home,  had Spanish class then went school clothes shopping.

Then we went to get our nails done, and as we pulled into the parking lot, I remembered something important!

Last Wednesday a lady from Bristol Farms, a really high end store close by, called me and informed me that I WON 4 lbs of peaches!  She told me I could pick them up this weekend!


We went in and there was my package, with a big PEACH bow!

This is such a nice store.  I rarely go there, only to pick up a roasted chicken.  It’s way too expensive.  (One time I saw potato salad for $30.00 there, $30.00 potato salad!!!!!)


It’s pretty fine.


But again, more expensive then I want or can pay!


But everything is very good!  Quality.


I don’t know why I decided to go on their website and sign up, but I also Friended them and BAM, next thing I know, I win!

Not only did I win peaches…


But I won something else!

I can’t wait to show you!  I couldn’t wait to get it home and open it either!


Once at home I tore into the pretty Peach box and was very happy to find:


These really cool jars!


Really great storage jars.

What a great surprise!


These peaches are big, juicy and delicious.


Have you tried them this year yet?  Its a great year for a peach.

Now back to reality.


I actually went to the .99 cent store and did my grocery shopping there.  Hopefully, it will last me to the end of the month, with just a few things needed in between.

The beans are on the stove now!  I will share them with you tomorrow.  Simply delicious with bread and butter!

I have to really be careful as this is one financial mind field of a month!!!

But fresh peaches and a win was very fun, it took the bite out of spending too much on my kid, as usual.

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “I’m a Winner

  1. Yay! Such luscious looking peaches!

    Are you going to use the jars to can one of them, if ou can’t eat 4lbs before they go bad?

    I live Bristol Farms!

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