I’m Not Superhuman


What a week and its only Tuesday….. what more can happen, oh wait, scratch that! I don’t even trust to put that question out there!

You know I mentioned some stuff is going on at work?  Well,  it’s kind of stressful, I mean, I know I’m okay, but still, it’s WIERD and I will tell you about that as soon as I can.  Da Da Dahn!

You also know about this months schedule and budget!  The budget just keeps growing!  I mean, Homecoming tickets need to be purchased and I just found out they are upwards in the $100.00 range.  Do we need a new dress for that???

School clothes were bought.  Hopefully, most of them, if not all for awhile.

School registration is yet to happen.  Friday, lucky me. $400.00 plus!

Tomorrow is the second try out for golf, I’m going out of my mind!

I’m watching my kid struggle with stress over  every.little.thing this week.  Her nerves are shot, we got back her Star Test back, not so good, the kid drama at school that she is already anticipating, how am I going to make sure she is safe for her walk home…

And the list goes on…

Oh wait… I almost forgot to tell you.  I got a call from my lawyer today and the second lien holder sent them a letter stating that I had made a payment in June and so now I am late.  What?

So now they might file for a motion to dismiss since I am late.  What?

I freaked.  I have not paid them one red dime since last October!  Really?  Its a lien strip!!

My law office called them and then called me and informed me that I need to call them.

What can I say that my law office didn’t already say?  I suggested that they send a letter.

I am not superhuman, I know this will pass, but I gotta tell ya!


See you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Superhuman

    • Hi Liquid, long time! I don’t understand any of this letter stuff because the lien strip was approved, so I think the holder is just messing up! Banks!!! ARGH!

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