Still Waiting!!!

I have been checking my phone, my iPad, my PC every five seconds!  Still no email from the coach!

The girls warming up at the driving range yesterday before round two of tryouts.


I sat down for like a second, but I was on my feet and a nervous wreck the whole time they were warming up!


This is a nice driving range,


Lots of places to chill in the shade:


It was hot yesterday!


One guy even brought his own umbrella!  Cute.


So after the girls left and Tee’d off:


I hung out next to the putting green under a tree.


I sat there for almost 3 hours!


The coach said they were only going to be out about an hour, but then the girls decided to play more golf even after the coach told them they could quit.

I could have gone home!!!!  Out of the heat, today I am not feeling so good.  Thanks coach!

The coach eventually had to fetch them off the course. 

He then told us that we would receive an email today.  Um, yeah…

But NADA,  no email! 

Still waiting!!!  Thanks again Coach!

See you tomorrow, its registration day!


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