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I am happy to report that my daughter is now apart of the Varsity Golf Team at her high school and she is just going in as a Freshman!

There is no JV there, so she worked hard and tried out and made the cut.  We didn’t find out today until we got her schedule.

The coach finally sent out an email later tonight!  I think he was having trouble.

But its all good and tonight I dedicate this post to my daughter and all the other golfers out there!

I am one happy mom and she is one proud and happy kid!


Jean Harlow!  wow!


What is not to love about this?


Top Courses


LOL, love this!!!!


This is cool!


Cute Cake!


Cute cookies!




With that  I am off for the evening.  I caught a tummy bug or something and so I am down for the count!  I still hit some balls today with my kid!

Do you golf?  Have you ever tried?  You would love it I promise!

See you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Pinterest – Golf

    • I think so! She has been practicing all week, with Juniors and Sophomores. I guess the seniors practice on their own, but they all can play the same game in a match.

  1. Woot, how nice. Congrats to you both. As far as golfing, no. Not other than Golf Wii (not ashamed to say it!). My dad liked that, so we had to try it. I’d like to take him down golfing at least once. Sigh. One of these days, for sure.

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