52 Week Challenge Update & Malibu

I missed you yesterday!  I really wanted to post last night, but I was so tired.  I’m trying to keep up good face, but I have not felt well.  Is it the stress?

Oh well!  We took the day yesterday to headed down to  Malibu for lunch at Gladstone’s and then we went to a little spiritual lakeside shrine that I love to visit when I’m in that area.

I’ll show you the shrine tomorrow!  It’s absolutely a little jewel right next to the beach!

I caught up on my 52 week challenge today and I am actually one dollar ahead!


Gladstone’s is right on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and Sunset. It’s been there forever, and it seems to be getting more overpriced than ever!


I love the beach though and I love to lunch there at least once a year!


It was a hot day, so everyone was under the umbrellas.


Once done with lunch, basically walk outside and here you are!



That is Santa Monica in the distance.




Me. Showing off those green toes again!


It was 75 degrees here and over 90 in town!  You would think it would have been even more crowded!

Zuma was packed as was the other beaches.  Glad I am not there today!

Well off to play 9 holes with the kid.  She has her first practice this week with the team!

See you tomorrow with beautiful, Zen lakeside shrine pics.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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