I’m Exhausted


How are you doing?  I am exhausted this week and feeling really badly.


I didn’t even go to the school open house for parents last night.  I have never missed one! 


You know, not long ago I started the SCD (Specific Carb Diet) and I never felt better!  I completely cut out most carbs, and did pretty good on that diet.  Its VERY hard for me because I am not a huge meat eater.  But I did feel better. 


Why O Why did I stop?

I think because its kind of hard to figure out what to eat, I love pasta and rice, its so easy just to grab a piece of fruit, and the list goes on and on.

So because I am feeling horrible these days, I’m going back on the strict diet hoping to get my tummy to quiet down and cut me some slack.  I hate to be sick! 


I type this as I am sitting at my desk (shhhhh) and wishing I was at home.  I sometimes write up my posts at work and then email them to post from home later. 

Today I wish I was there already.


Also, today is my kids first day of practice with her new golf team.  I am going to go and take her during my lunch period then come back to work and her dad can pick her up from there.

Getting her new schedule and figuring out all the logistics is really stressful. 


We have decided that I will drive her to school in the morning, then pick her up and take her to the PE class at the driving range.  She can walk home from there.  Its a  plan.. 

That should work.


But nothing will work if I don’t start feeling better soon. 

I cannot believe how poorly I feel when I am having a flare.  Its so awful.  I feel like I should bring a heating pad to work with me!  Maybe its time to discuss my medications again with the doc.

If you are healthy, count your blessings friends!

See you tomorrow.  😉


2 thoughts on “I’m Exhausted

    • Hi Sandra, I sure will share. The basics are no carbs, accept for fruit. I can tolerate that, so far! I will share occasional recipes as I go! Thanks for stopping by!

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