I Wonder…

I’m just blogging my way through this Chapter 13…

I wonder…

Is blogging making the time go by more slowly?

Do you think that’s the case?  That I’m too plugged in on a daily basis?

I wonder…

On one hand I think it gives me more to do to keep busy…

On the other hand I think it keeps me thinking about the process Every.Single.Day.

Speaking of hands…

Why did the guy with one hand cross the road? 

To get to the second hand store! 

Oh boy…. 😉

Well, I like blogging, I like being here and I hope that this blog can evolve even after my successful discharge. (Positive thinking!)

Things I’ll post about post Chapter 13.

  • What to do with freed up trustee payment
  • How to repair credit
  • How much debt to incur and how to use it wisely
  • Pay off student loan asap
  • How to remain debt free

Those kinds of things will be fun to blog about after the fact! 

I won’t be posting pinterest pics tomorrow!  ;-(  I have a friend coming to spend the night as if its not hectic enough around here!


See you Saturday!  Maybe I will post some pinterest then.  I am thinking FALL!

6 thoughts on “I Wonder…

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful pondering about your blogging–and am glad that you decided that you like blogging. I look forward to see how the blog evolves after the successful discharge.

  2. It may seem like it’s making it take forever. I myself have been counting down months for over 20+ months, with 22 to go. But once you’re a bit farther, you can look back and think “well, that went by fast, and it wasn’t that bad. I can do the rest”. That’s me, anyway.

    Maybe you’ve seen this idea around Pinterest, but people also use it for debt. You know, making construction paper chain links, and labeling them for each of your payments, then hanging it somewhere you can see it. Tearing a link every time you mail out a payment. The link may seem long at first, but you’d be surprised how it keeps looking shorter time after time.

  3. Well, I love reading your blog! Maybe you need to post more recipes, quirky news items, or non “omg, I’m broke!” things. More Pinterest!

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