I’m Here – I’m Alive!


Hello!!!  I am sorry I missed posting All  Weekend!  It was crazy!

First,  I had an unexpected visitor spend the night on Friday. I love her but my condo is so small, there is only one bathroom and when you are sick…Privacy!! Please!!!

Friday night my other buddy came over and took all my garage sale stuff to my friends house so that we could get over there early on Saturday.

Again, I was miserable, but had to go because my junk was there.   I made a whopping $11.00.  Never AGAIN!  They didn’t put up signs and relied on the newspaper!  REALLY??????    I am so miffed that I don’t think I am going to invite them back to my next garage sale because we spend time and do everything we can to ensure a successful sale!  ARGH!!!!!!  (OK so that is cranky talking)!

When I got home, I hit the couch and soon was curled up in a ball!

I called my my doctor in tears, who made me go to the hospital to get some lab work done.


Then you know the drill, off to the pharmacy, got some drugs and came home and crashed.  I didn’t sleep a wink all Friday night and that just didn’t help.

Now I am on a round of Antibiotics. ( I keep track of my doses, do you?)


I was also given a drug that I’m not going to take!  Prednisone. 

It scares me!  I haven’t told my doctor yet, but I don’t think I’m going to take this prescription!


I want to make sure that what I have is going to be cleared up with the antibiotics first.  Then if I need it for inflamation, I’ll take this steroid. 

  • Not together.
  • Unless he makes me.
  • I drive him crazy!
  • I play doctor.
  • I just don’t blindly take drugs.
  • That was the 80s!  😉

I also bought some of these babies.


I’ll try to find a better brand, but I was desperate to try to get things right and  I just picked these up at the pharmacy.

I will try to check back in with you tonight if:

A) My doctor doesn’t kill me or
B) I just don’t crash again.

I am at work and really, it’s about all I can do to ensure I have enough energy  for my 9 hour work day!

Please take probiotic!!!  Even if you think you don’t need to and especially after you take antibiotics. 


See you soon – should have results of labs later. 


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