Holy Cow!

So you know that I’m on antibiotics… (with supplemental probiotics, thank you!)


And you also know that I was given prednisone that I completely shied (ran) away from!

But I caved… and just yesterday (right after I posted) I had a change of heart! 

I took my first dose.


Then I got scared today and called the pharmacist and asked him if it would hurt if I stopped taking it immediately.  I’m wishy washy like that.

He said he would not recommend it.


He also reassured me that the dose was not that big and that I probably needed it!

I got scared because I got the first side effect, after only one dose!


I woke up at 4:00 this morning.  I didn’t could not go back to sleep!

Here is the holy cow moment.  I am not tired!  I am wide awake and full of energy.  And it is 9:00 at night.  Hope I can sleep tonight.


I feel better and I think I’m truly on the mend though. 

But I do fear this drug still and will be careful and hope to taper soon!

Have you ever taken prednisone?


Tomorrow is the first day of high school!  We were able to store our clubs and the golf club and so I don’t have to drive around like a chicken with my head cut off. 


My girl can just stay after practice and I will pick her up there, after work!

This will be okay, it will all be okay.  I can do this!




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