Moving Forward!

No more posts about my health!  I’m over it.  I’m feeling great and ready to get back to norm!


I do write about my experience in dealing with life as I go thru this blog and I am human, I do get sick!  This is my outlet and you my dear readers will hear about the “downs” every now and then.  I try to keep it at a minimum but who the heck wants to be sick alone?

Apologies in advance but thank you for your kind responses and warm thoughts.

Okay, moving forward!

  • Kid returned to high School  CHECK!
  • Feeling great – CHECK!
  • Financially sound – Um….. Not so much!  😉

This month has kicked my butt!  But I am positive pretty sure that I can pull it out of the tank.

I’ve not been able to put any money into my 52 week challenge.  I actually owe it!  I owe my 52 week challenge 105.00$  Plus last weeks savings too!  And I can’t catch up this weekend!  Chuckles…. why is that funny?  I have no idea! 

I have got to make some adjustments to the budget. I need to remember how expensive August is!    I think by October, I will be back on track.  I can’t wait for fall for so many reasons! 


I will be taking a road trip to see my mom  in November– 93 years old and going strong.  I am so looking forward to that trip!

It’s labor day weekend! 

I took Friday off so that I could finally labor over the front door and get it painted before the HOA slaps me with a fine!

That is my big plan, what is yours?


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward!

  1. Have fun when you see your mom!

    I am going on a road trip this weekend – heading down to the beach with my friend, who just got her PhD.

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