Labor & Reward


Today I woke up, jumped up and opened the door to see if it was cool enough at 8:00 to paint my door!

It was so I got busy!


I enlisted the help of my girl, she has a steady hand and  I didn’t want to take off the hardware!


Then I got busy on the rest.


I didn’t think I would say this, but I like the color!  After I got the frame done, I actually thought it looks great!


This color looks better on the new door then then old door!


So that is my LABOR!

Now here is my REWARD!

I decided to buy something… just for me, Yep, I know, it’s not a good time!  But check this out!


I bought that $20.00 shirt for $3.50.


I had a store credit I was carrying in my wallet forever and I decided to spend it. 


I bought an extra large so that I can wear it loose with white yoga pants and cover the bottom!

So there we have it. 

Labor and Reward!

It sure felt good to get that done!

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