Happy Labor Day 2013

Hello there!

Today was great!  I got up and checked the weather and it was perfect to walk.  Has it been hot or has it been hot?

I have not walked my lake walk in at least two weeks! 

So off I headed. 


It was heaven! 

I just had to get out there!


I even ran into this man.  I have seen him walking around the neighborhood for years!  See him in the distance?


He uses a walker now, but bless him, he is still out there! 


I love this walk, I know its not that special, but its close and sometimes there is water!


I ask you, isn’t that pretty darn great!?

Once I got home I made myself a mocha!

I use low acid coffee:


Then I add some almond milk and a dash of honey!

mocha drink

Now that was refreshing!

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and that you are now home safe, sound and cozy!

My daughter is at the table painting the cutest thing!  I cannot wait to show you!

See you tomorrow!


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