Mail Call!

The Mail is In!

Check this out! 

Yesterday my kid and I decided to get out of the house.  I dug up some change and I said, okay, you want a movie or something arty to do from Michaels!

She chose Michaels, I knew she would.

So we walked around the store and then we found this!


A paintable, wood mailbox.

I said…  “HEY, wouldn’t it be fun to use this to send each other notes?”

She fell in love with the idea!

It doesn’t look like much here, but I knew she would work her magic.


Its so cute!


So we got home and she got to work.

It turned out adorable.


I am so pleased.  When the flag is up, you’ve got mail!


Mail just between her and me… my favorite person in the whole world.


I think this will keep the line of communication open even as she gets to be a terrible teen!


Here was my first note last night as she was first to use it.


I will cherish this mail box for the rest of my life.


4 thoughts on “Mail Call!

  1. So adorable! I’m very happy for you that you have such a great daughter.

    (Why am I envisioning an online “painted mailbox” retail empire?)

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