Catch Up


It seems like ages since I’ve touched base with you!

Seems like nothing has been going on in my world and it seems like everything has been going on!

Makes no sense! I know!

52 Week Challenge

This challenge has been a complete mess!  I actually dipped into it in August (the month from hell) and so today, I’m happy to report that I caught up and am actually over!


I paid it back in full and then some!


There should be 390.00 in there by now, so I am $80.00 over!  I never want to borrow from it again!  Too hard to pay it back!

I took my car in for an oil change and I talked to my mechanic about how much he thinks I need to get a good car for my kid in a couple of years.  He said 5 or 6 K ought to buy her something.  OMG!!!  Then there is gas, insurance, repair!  Yikes!

Stuff around the house

Yesterday, I dropped my kid off to go to the beach and I noticed a garage sale sign.  I haven’t been going to garage sales lately.  But for some reason I just decided to stop!

I’m glad I did.  For 14.00 (because that is all the cash I had on me and he accepted it) I bought this little table!


It doesn’t have a scratch on it!  It is perfect. We were in need of a place to set drinks.  I don’t have very big end tables, just room for a lamp and not much else.

I replaced this divan!  The picture is old.  I promise, I don’t have a tree up in September! 


You can see how big it was.  Gracie might not be too happy that its gone, but we are!  Awww Gracie I love you so much kitty!

Daughters Golf Stuff

My kid is playing in her first match this week!  Its against another local high school and she will have the home course advantage!  She is pretty excited.  Go Girls Golf Team!

Work and Health

I missed a few hours of work last week, but not too much and I’m feeling so much better!  I’m on new meds as well as supplements.  Take care of your health now readers if you are young, you are going to need it for a long, long time!  Was able to walk this weekend both days, so getting back out there!  Yay!!!  I am actually under my weightwatcher goal!


A friend of mine put me on his Credit Card as an Authorized User.  That means that if I use the card, it will help my credit!  And I don’t have to pay any interest rate or expensive fees!  This was the best idea I could of thought of.  Going to try to start building back a decent score now!


Bad news.  I will not be going out of state for Thanksgiving.  At this point, I just need to get some savings in place and that will hinder that.  So all travel plans for November are currently off!

That is it, you are now all caught up with what is going on in DebtGirls life! 

How are you?  Stop by and say hi!

9 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. August truly was a terrible month, wasn’t it? I had to dip into my 52 week challenge envelope too. Haven’t paid it back yet, hopefully soon, but at least it was there when I needed it!! Also I think $5-6K is HIGH for something used for a new driver, surely $1500-$2500 could get something decent??

  2. That’s nice of your friend to help you out 😀 I particularly like the no interest part lol. With a higher credit score you’ll be able to finance things in the future at a lower cost. I opened up an unsecured line of credit at my bank last year and borrowed small amounts of money from it to help build up my credit.

  3. With the bad economy, used cars are getting more expensive: fewer people want to (or are able to) buy new and people keep their cars for a longer time. More demand, lower supply = higher prices.

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