cRaZy Expensive Credit Card

Hoping to answer what my reader Tanner asked, I thought I would share with you what exactly I mean by cRaZy Expensive! 

The cost of this card is so expensive! The interest and the fees alone!! 

* cRaZy expensive! *

Check out the interest that this card offers!  Such a deal!


I kid you not, this is a card I received in the mail just YESTERDAY as a preapproved offer!

Can you believe this?

Check out the FEES!!!!!


I can hardly get my head around those yearly fees!

This company is really taking advantage of people that have Fair to Good Credit Scores and in need of a card.


I will not be accepting this card any time soon.

Now I know as my BK comes to an end (if ever!) and maybe the last year would be okay to get one card and see if it can actually boost the score a little more and then cut it up after BK Discharge might be a possibility.

But I am hoping that just being an authorized user will be enough and then the Discharge itself would be huge impact in a positive way!

Read the fine print for sure!


3 thoughts on “cRaZy Expensive Credit Card

  1. Ouch! I’ll concede, that card is horrendous. I was just going to point out that if you use a credit card as a debit card and pay it in full every time, it doesn’t matter if your interest is 0% or 50%, because you will never be charged for it.

    The annual fees and monthly service are a real turn off. What sort of benefits does that thing have for such high fees?! I hope they’re willing to mail you diamonds and rubies in exchange! Once or twice a month!

    Good luck with the authorized user portion. I’ve been reading a lot about it since you mentioned it. My oldest card (9yrs) has never been late, and its balance is less than 1% (paid off monthly), so I was thinking about adding my dad to it (and shredding the physical card) to help with his credit score.

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