My Yearly Reminder


It’s actually been nice and cool this week and so I’ve been up the trail for my morning break!  Such a great way to take five!

Every year about the same time there’s a patch of…something!

What do you think this is?



It’s getting bigger every year, but not big relative to the trail. It’s the only one I’ve seen on the trail but I’ve only actually ever hiked up about a mile and a half.

But check this out!  Mother Natures reminder that Fall is right around the corner.


Is this squash?


Some kind of gourd?


I used to think it’s pumpkin but they never turn color.

Last year (and the years before) it seems like the animals or birds eventually eat them and they never get to full growth.

But aren’t those interesting?

Every year like clockwork they pop up and remind me that Fall is right around the corner. 

Next month is Halloween already!  YAY!

The rest of the trail is pretty baron!



Not another patch to be seen.


Just pretty views,  fresh air and some occasional shade!


Llooking to the West, you can see the remains of one of the fires that we had recently.


When  you drive around California, you can see many such patches of charred land.

Sad, but it always grows back.

Hope you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy your world.  It’s FREE!

See you soon!


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