Credit Score – September 2013


You might be interested in these two sites!  You can go and get an idea of where your credit score is and it is totally free.  I believe it to be secure as well!


My score from them today:



My score today…


Big difference in scores.  However, when you pull a “real” FICO score from the three financial institutions, they are always different too.

There might be a pretty big difference but they both agree that I am at a FAIR rating!

I thought this would be a good thing to do and share with you in case you haven’t seen these sites yet.  They are completely safe in my opinion, as safe as anything else on the web. 

Also, we need a baseline to see if the Authorized User idea works!  Will check back each month after I start using it to see if it makes a diff and post for you.

So what’s your score?  Go see!


6 thoughts on “Credit Score – September 2013

  1. Other few you can try are and (both are free). And actually, not all 3 bureaus will give you the FICO score from your pull. Equifax is the only one I know of that will give you a FICO score. The other 2 give you either Vantage or PLUS scores, neither of which are FICO. If you want the real FICOs, I think only can provide you two or three.

  2. Oh, and as for my scores…
    Quizzle: 744
    CreditKarma: 760 770
    Credit Sesame: 720

    They’re all over the place. Last time I checked my FICO (from a credit card pull 02/2012), it was 726.

  3. I’ve been monitoring mine and DH’s on creditkarma for the past year or so. His is 691 and mine is 682. His has always been higher than mine, which is kind of funny since he hasn’t worked in almost 5 years and I’m the one with the job! I’m pleased with the scores, considering we filed bankruptcy 3 years ago.

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