Vision Boards – Fashion & Travel

I hope your weekend is full of fun, creativity and FREE stuff!

I am pleased to show you our works of art!  😉

After an hour or so of cutting out images and text we got busy pasting and these are our vision boards!

Let me start with my daughters.  She used an old canvas for her base.


What teen girl is not into fashion?  Mine is obsessed and I don’t mind.  She chatted with me as she was putting this together that she loves brand names, but knows that someday she will have to buy most of these herself.  I love my kid!


Her vision hangs right next to her closet!  I love it!

My vision board manifested in Travel.  I used folder poster paper.

There is no way I can afford to travel either.  Fashion and Travel are just not in the budget.  But we can dream right!?


I love the fall colors that developed. (See the pumpkins?)


My vision travel took me to Italy, Paris and Easter Island and more!


Of course, there is always a Buddha in my life.


Tuscany!  Haven’t you always?


A little serenity in a crazy world.


Paris!  Paris!  Paris!  Someday!


This is before most of the text was added.


After the text and glitter was added.


There is always glitter. I added a ribbon border as well.  Viola, done.

I really enjoy the process, the time with my daughter and knowing that a couple hours ago, this did not exist and because of our creativity and imagination, now this vision does exist.

I love art!  I love the process, to me that is the ART!


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