Payment No. 11 Posted!


I am down to 49 payments to go…


princess 49


Not 60!

Not 50!

But 49!!!!


After next month I will be able to say that I have 3 years and 11 months left!


Doesn’t that sound better than 5 years!!!


Woo hoo! 


I know in reality I still have 4 long years to go.


But these are the games I play as I blog my way thru this Chapter 13!


Next year will be interesting to see what happens with the payment.

Shhhh… lets not jinx it, but I see a promotion in the future!


The payment might change, if it’s not horrible, I can do it. 



See you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Payment No. 11 Posted!

  1. Hurray! It’s always nice to go down a number milestone. 49 sounds way better than 50. And 3.11 sounds better than 4 years. It will be 3 even soon enough. Keeping fingers crossed for the possible promotion.

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