Data Data and More Data


I have been so busy at work this week, crazy!

I do all the backup stuff!


And lemme tell ya, there’s a lot!


I do all the McAfee…


Yep, lots of stuff to do there too!  Getting ready to install a new module!


So I had to update this!


Which wasn’t fun!  Now I have to maintain it!


And throw in a little light reading!


And this is not even 1/4 of what I do!

I love it because my days fly by!  I love technology!

But I do have a bit of Zen in my office!  It keeps me grounded.


I added some fall leaves!  Cute huh?


Tonight we are going back to the high school because they are offering a College Prep night.  Will learn about scholarships and the like.  It’s never too soon to learn as much as you can!

Hope your days are busy and that you are ending September on a good note!

Almost October, can you believe it?


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