Productive Day!

Hello!  How was your weekend?

Yesterday I got up and started cleaning and haven’t stopped.

Okay, until now!

When I woke up this morning I decided to do some ironing.  I have a black pair of slacks that needs to be hemmed and I don’t sew, but I do have some sewing tape!


Worked like  a charm!

Then I got busy cleaning out my fridge.

I had plastic bins in the sink, water all over the floor and a huge mess!!!!


Food on the counter:


But the fridge is now spic & span!


This is the worst chore.  I detest cleaning out the fridge, but I love having a clean one!


Such a huge job!

Since it’s almost winter,  time to change back to my black bag!  Remember when I swapped to summer?  These two bags are gonna be on this BK ride until the very end!  I am not mad at that!  I love both of them.

Yay, I favor the black!


I put away away the summer tote too and pulled out the winter one as well.


And now I am ready for Ol’ Man Winter!


Okay, so this is So Cal and it never gets cold, but it is still winter!  😉

Then I made a killer Organic Chicken soup that I will share with you tomorrow.

While I was busy running around crazy… Look who just took it easy!


Ah the good life! “Who me?”

Today I used the 40.00 left in the 52 Week Challenge for a bit deposit!


How you doing!  Its challenging right??

See you tomorrow with a great, easy recipe you are going to love!  You are gonna love the site I got it from as well.

See you tomorrow.


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