Filed Chap13 One Year Ago Today


It was one year ago today that my lawyer filed my Bankruptcy Paperwork!

It’s been an interesting year.  Lots of ups and downs.

I’ve done some fancy foot work at times to make sure enough money was in the bank to pay my mortgage, but I got it in there!

This next year could bring some challenges.  I anticipate a step up in the plan payment if they  notice my daycare costs has gone down.  Hopefully, they took that into consideration when we filed, but I doubt it.

If I get a raise, it could go up as well, but it has to be over 10% increase and that is unlikely.

My 12th plan payment will be made this month, so that is yet another milestone.

This year I have tried to do my best to:

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Stay busy
  • Take local trips
  • Keep the condo and the car maintained
  • Do fun things with my kid
  • Keep her happy
  • Stay creative
  • Stay healthy
  • Put a little money away for my kids car (52 Week Challenge)
  • Keep costs down
  • Keep my student loan payments up even though they are deferred

Next year I hope to do the same but I need to add an emergency fund to the list.  I would like to save at least $1000.00.

I hope that this blog has helped you if you are in a chapter 13 or if you are on a tight budget too.

I haven’t seen another blog quite like this one out there.  There are finance blogs, creative crafty blogs, food blogs, etc, but this blog is uniqueI post a all of that rolled into one!  Its a one stop shop!  I hope you like it here as much as I love posting for you!

I’m going into autopilot now. What else can you do. Once you file you are in, there is no turning back.  Four more years!

Let’s blog our way thru another successful year and get that much closer to discharge! Woo Hoo!


8 thoughts on “Filed Chap13 One Year Ago Today

    • Hi Tahoe Girl! I did a Chapter 13 so that I could do a lien strip. Go on the events page and follow the link for that post. It was the only way to go to ensure that we got the best possible outcome. It was a tuff decision for sure.

    • Yes my daughter is my center. I try to make her life as fun and full as possible. Its not her fault that I got in trouble, but I want to make sure she does much better than I have done. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. You’re right, I haven’t come across another blog like yours, and that’s a good thing! I’ve enjoyed following your journey this year. We haven’t been through a bankruptcy, nor will we, but we’re on a tight budget, paying off debt, and trying to keep our heads above water most months. 🙂 Enjoy the finances AND DIY posts here!

    • Thank you. I hope that there is something for everybody! I think a lot of people are trying to get out and stay out of debt, one way or another. The key will be to stay out!

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