Pinterest Pics – Halloween Decor

Hello there!  Today was my day off!  I love having every other Friday off.

I got up and went for my lake walk and picked up a bunch of branches. I plan on painting them black for Halloween and decorating them with blackbirds.  Scary huh?

After that I came home and started working on my Christmas Gifts.  More on those this weekend too!

Then I went to the 99 cent store.   I had a growing list.  Do you have a list for that store?  I love it!  Saves me a bundle.

I added to my list today and picked up some large black and orange construction paper.  Because I want to make the cutest decor for my office for Halloween this year.  The original directions call for felt, but paper is cheaper!  I think it will be fine.

Here’s what I am making!

witch's laundry 6a

Isn’t that cute!!??

I’ll make it this weekend and hang onto it until our Halloween party at work.

Are you in the mood for Halloween?  I hope so because check these ideas out!  Remember, click on the image to be taken to the source!


I love this one:


I love white!


Have you checked out the new link to CentsationalGirl that I added.  I love this site and she shares so many other great sites.


This from  her site as well.


And I saved the best site for last!


That should inspire you!

Get out your glue guns girls!

See you tomorrow!


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