Witch Clothes Line

Hi!  Yesterday I showed you this!  Today I made my own construction paper version.

I started by free drawing the dress and all the parts and cutting them out.


Thankfully, I found a purple folder to use for the leotards, buttons and hat.


I laid everything out on the floor to see.  I just worked one piece at time.  See the cute clothes pins?  My cousin had some brand new cord for the rope he loaned me.


Then I secured the stripes with tacky glue.  The glue stick didn’t look like it was going to hold for long.


I just think this turned out just as well as if it were felt.  Way Cheaper Too.  This cost me $3.00 for the whole thing.


What do you think?


I added some string and some polish to the broom, just a little something.  I added some shoelaces too!


It’s pretty big too.  I think it will be a winner!


I won’t be hanging this at home, I packed it up and plan on taking it to the office.  My cats will probably tear it up before Halloween can get here.

We decorate at work and have a Halloween potluck and every year and I always do something, either a pumpkin, a costume or a dessert.  This year I thought I would add my Office Decor to the mix.


So its all packed up and ready to go.

Do you think you might make this?


I’m going to add a little paper fire place to hang this over so it really looks like it is drying by the fire!

I’m also planning on painting some branches black and adding black birds as well as making a HUGE spider web out of black yarn.  I will be showing you pictures of that when its done that day.

I’m such a dork.  Just a big, old kid at heart.  Boo!

See you tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Witch Clothes Line

  1. This is so cute and creative! I have never had a house, until now, so decorating is never something we really did. Now that we are in a house and will likely get trick-or-treaters, we are really into it. It’s nice to see some crafts up, because decorations can be really expensive.

    • Congrats on the house! I would love a house, but for now, my itty bitty condo is just right! I would love a yard. check out all the crafty sites for many ideas!!

  2. OMGosh how clever to make this out of construction paper!!! Love it!!! And thank you too for stopping by and letting me know you created this mini witch’s clothesline. It always fun to get feedback…especially when it includes such a great creative twist!!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!!
    XO Barbara

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