52 Week Challenge

Hello!  I hope your weekend was pleasant and that you got to do everything you wanted.

My plans changed today and I was not able to work on my coasters, but I promise to get back at them soon and show you!

I got up very early for a Sunday,  put on Pandora and headed out for my walk.  I had to get out early or I would not have been able to walk today and boy, I really wanted to get out there.


It was actually cold enough to wear long sweats today.  My hands were freezing half the way.  Yesterday was so windy that I was unable to walk so I was very happy when I opened the window and saw calm!


Look who else was out walking.  I love to see this man out and about!  He was using his walker today!


How you doing on the 52 Week challenge?


Today I put in $50.00.  One dollar over. 😉  I am over $500.00 now.  Look at the sheet, it’s really filling up.


I think what I will do as soon as I get $1000.00 is stick it in a CD.  That way I can get to it by the time my kid needs a car,

This is not an easy challenge but can you imagine how it will be in a 2 or 3 years from now when my kid needs a car and I have no credit and nothing saved.

That is a face I don’t want to see.

Back to the grind tomorrow, have a wonderful evening.



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