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Good morning,

My mom is still in the hospital but everyone of my family members told me not to make the trip up there.  I still feel like a schmuck.

I spoke with her and she is going home today or tomorrow and is in good spirits.

I’m amazed at my mother.  She is truly one of the most special people this world has ever seen!  I will share more about her I’m sure as I blog along.

I’ll see her in November (7 weeks) when we drive up.  That time won’t go fast enough!  Why is that?

Today I wanted to post this for you because I thought… if I’m interested in this, I KNOW you are!

Have you ever wondered how long it will take you to pay off a loan?  Dumb question!

My mortgage just sits out there and doesn’t seem to move much.  I went to this site today to see how long it will actually take!  I did a calculation on my student loan as well.


All  you need is the Balance Amount, the Payment Amount and the Interest Rate.


Time Value Software Calculator

It will take 19 years to pay off the mortgage on the current schedule.  (I will be 72)  OMG~

It will take 11 years to pay off the student loan.

The Bankruptcy is going take me 4 more years, so I’ll have 15 more years after that to work on my mortgage and student loan!

Time comes at you fast when you age.  After 50 it really starts careening down the highway of life, out of control baby!

When your parents age, you really feel the speed, the wind in your hair.

Take a look at the calculator and figure out what you need to do to get out of debt fast!


So if you are younger, get your ducks in a row now so that at my age, you can relax!


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