Back From Portland

Hello!  I got back on Sunday, exhausted, physically and emotionally as I knew I would be.

I got to Portland just in time on Friday to hear the doctor report to my mother, brothers and sisters.

As it turns out, she had a heart attack a few weeks ago!  She didn’t know it.   It’s called a “silent” heart attack.

It was her lack of breath that finally sent her to the hospital last Monday.

She lost 30% of her heart because of the damage and scar tissue, it is irreparable. 

For now, she is back home, on all kinds of medicine and the prognosis is as good as it can be for a 93 year old woman who had a major heart attack.

Flew out of Burbank:


You can see how dry it looks in Southern California.

In Portland the weather was quite cold and cloudy.


See how different the landscape looks in Oregon?


I was glad to be back in Burbank to be honest with you!


While I was at the airport I stopped at the Made In Oregon store!


I can’t wait to try this:


Pumpkin everywhere right now.  Have you seen the Trader Joe’s ads? 

I’m so glad I went to Oregon to see my mom.  We spent two days together alone with a few members of the family dropping in and out. 

It was so nice to spend some quality time.  I’m still planning on driving back in November as she can’t wait to see my daughter. 

Thanksgiving won’t get her soon enough!

Hope you had wonderful weekend!

Thank you once again for your positive thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Back From Portland

  1. Wow she’s as tough as nails 🙂 Glad you got to spend time with her. I’ve always wanted to visit a Trader Joe’s. But we don’t have them up here. There was this story in the news recently where a store in Canada named Pirate Joe’s is selling goods they bought at retail price from Trader Joe’s in the US. And then Trader Joe’s tried to sue them lol. We have a really outdated protectionist policy that makes our cheese and milk almost twice as expensive as US goods. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 😀 We just had ours last weekend 😛

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