High School Sports SUCK!

You remember back when we were so excited about my daughter getting on the girls golf team this year as a high school Freshman?

Well, that has been short lived.  The coach is HORRIBLE!  I can’t even begin to tell you the experience my kid has had.

I have gone so far as to call the Director of Athletics!  Not much happening there!

It amazes me that this high school allows this kind of thing to go on.  We are so disappointed.

But… these things can be life lessons and the season is almost up.

AND I think I have found a better route to Golf Scholarships!  It is way more expensive, but probably more realistic.

Yesterday, after I  left the golf course and listened to one more little girl tell me how the coach told her she was “useless” and told another  kid that “his dog hits better than she does


I put another call into the director at the high school and have not heard nothing  yet.

I know that this coach will retaliate by not having my kid back on the team.  No big loss!

I will not stand by and let him ruin her chance for golf scholarships and also make this experience so bad for her that she gives up a sport she loves!

There is a great is at organization in the area and after speaking to one of the directors there yesterday I know that high school golf is never the way to go for golf scholarships.  Kids in high school golf usually only play 9 holes and they should be in tournaments of 18 holes, or 36 holes in a weekend. 

What this organization would do is condition her to play in those tournaments.  She can start out playing 18 holes on one day, and then work her way up to the full blown, 36 hole weekends.

So here is my plan:

  • We will continue this season at the high school.
  • Join this organization and play as many tourneys as we can this year
  • It will give me the opportunity to see if this is in fact what she wants to do, if not, I am done.  This is it.
  • This will cost me the membership fee, the golfing tourney fees and the travel (local) and maybe one night flea bag hotel.


But it will allow us to thumb our nose at the coach and continue golfing in a more positive, professional manner.

It would give her a goal!  She will have to work her way up.  If she doesn’t, we are done.

I think I need to let her go back to the golf pro and it would be $200.00 for six lessons, so I would try to afford that as well! 


It’s a good thing I don’t need to eat much and can wear thrift store clothes with no problem!

The lesson here for me is that High School sports suck!

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6 thoughts on “High School Sports SUCK!

  1. I agree. My daughter will be doing her final year in tennis next spring and I have a feeling this year will be even worse than last year was. Her coach isn’t rude, like your golf coach, but she makes these back-handed comments that sound nice, but really have a different meaning. For some reason she won’t let my daughter have the status she has worked hard for and deserves being the #1 ranked girl on the team. It is so frustrating and I think DD will have more to deal with this year, unfortunately.

    Good for you for finding an alternative! Does her Dad help out with some of the golf costs?

    • OneFamily, Thanks for making me feel sane! These coaches are crazy! Well, her dad doesn’t do much, but he is there for her physically, he comes and picks her up, takes her for dinner and brings her home. She spends a little time with him and for that I am grateful.

      Last night I asked him if maybe he could help with her golf. He is not a rich man, he is actually kind of poor. So I just put it out there and will see what happens.

      Makes me sad for him, for her and for me!

  2. High school sports can be great. I loved running track, although I must admit that mt cross-country coach was not a good person. Track coach was great.

    Is there any babysitting, odd jobs, etc that your D can do to help pay for the tournaments?

    • Funny thing is that as I am finding out, its not uncommon for these coaches to be abusive! Wow! I never did sports, so I had no clue. I feel very bad that kids are being so mistreated out there. I get some of it, but there is a line, and it gets crossed a lot!

      I can’t wait for her to start working. But with school work and golf, there doesn’t seem to be time. Soon! Very soon!!!

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