Pantry Cooking

It’s been hectic.  Hectic and expensive around here.  I think I’m feeling the pinch.

I have to make up for that somehow.  Pantry cooking, although fattening, is helpful when the budget needs to be reined in.

To start, I knew I had a couple boxes of Jiffy Corn Bread mix and it just sounded fall like!  So I mixed that up!


I forgot how good this mix really is. You can add a can of corn to it and its really good!  My kid loves it!


I didn’t add corn, because I wanted to go with this!


It is so good.  Very Fall and Pumpkiny!  I’m gonna put that on some pancakes too! CARB FEST!!!

Then I remembered I bought a bag of potatoes not long ago, so I got busy chopping! 


I added some peppers and onions out of my freezer to the pan and got those going!


Added my rough chop:


And in no time the house smelled delicious and we had us some home made country potatoes folks!


Salt, pepper and ketchup (organic, no HFCS) and you are in heaven.


Super carb fest!   I’m doing the lake walk today, so that will help curb some carbs.

Stay tuned for more cooking this weekend. 

There will be cake!

I woke up so early this morning.  Ridiculously early.  You are probably going to get a couple posts out of me today.  😉

I woke up wondering how I am going to manage some of the expenses coming my way.

    • Golf Expense (VCJCA dues, Golf Pro, etc)
    • Trip to Oregon (flights)
  • Trip to Oregon (drive) November


  • Christmas
  • Taxes due this year?


The list goes on, but I’ll make it work somehow.

One way is being as frugal as I can be in the grocery department!  Which reminds me, I found a great website I will share later!

Lots to do this weekend.

Have a great day!





8 thoughts on “Pantry Cooking

  1. Haha. Carb feast indeed. But once in a while, it aint gonna kill anybody, right? I am not even ready to start thinking about taxes… I’ll wait til February for that.

  2. But speaking of corn bread, we’ve gone through like 15 different cornbread mixes, and when we finally found one my dad liked, they stopped selling it at the store! Ugh.

  3. my mom mixes the cheap jiffy cornbread mix with the cheap jiffy yellow cake mix (follow directions for both boxes) it comes out more cake like – very close to marie calandars. yummy!

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