Pinterest Pics – Pretty Things

Hello again!  How was your day?  I got up and took a hike with my friend and her dogs.  More on that tomorrow.  Lets just say….poor dog!!!

But for now, I just want to share some pretty things I found on Pinterest.

I love to get lost in the images on Pinterest and I love to share them with you.


Remember to click on the image and if there is a link you can follow it there!

This room is so pretty and I don’t  know why it appeals to me, there is no fall to be seen!


These are so feminine!


Looks like spring!  I can’t resist.


Shabby Chic.  I love it.  I will never tire of it.  Why don’t I have a room full of it?




Walkin’ on a country road….


Do you think that road will take me to Europe?  When will I ever get to Paris?


I will say good night now.   Off to dream of Paris.  😉

See you tomorrow!


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