Payment Number 12 Done!

Hello!  If you would have told me 12 payments ago that I would think that 12 payments was still a long way off from completion of this BK, I would not have believed you.

When I was at ONE payment, any payment with two digits seemed like a miracle.

But now that I am in the double digits, I know that was unrealistic and that I still have a long, Long, LONG way to go!


I created these little paper links (I think my reader Tanner gave me the idea, thank you!).

Each time I make a payment, I put a new link on the chain.

When I’m done I will have 6 chains with 10 links each!


Then I will link then together and wear them as a boa at my end of Chapter 13 Dinner party, to which you are all invited!  😉

Oh.. okay, I have to explain the picture of the little girl.


Um… okay.  I cut that out a few years ago and tucked it away in this corner so only I can see it.  I was not having a good day with a coworker and I just thought she was so cute and appropriate.

Needless to say, that coworker and I still interact as little as possible.  I’m sure you have someone (or two) in your office that you’re not all that fond of.  I think we all do.

Well, just keep smiling at them and keep some Tylenol on hand for when your face starts to hurt from it!

Have a great day.

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Payment Number 12 Done!

  1. That’ll be a nice big curtain by the time you’re done. Haha at the little girl. I guess I am a professional at that… killing people with kindness is one of my job requirements at my part time job!

  2. Congratulations! 20% of the way there! (When I found your blog, you were at #4, I think, so you are three times as far along.)

    • Can you believe it? I am really happy to be this far along. I know I have a long way to go, but so far so good. The next year, around tax time I think its going to change a bit, maybe things tighten up. My payment might increase. Ouch. But I can do it, if they don’t DOUBLE it or anything crazy! 😉 Thank you for being here with me, I am so happy you are!

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