Wooden Match Stick Jar

Hello!  Hello! Clever Tip alert!

The other day I decided to finally do this simple, clever little project!  I’ve seen the idea floating around  Pinterest and I love it.  I thought you might like it too.

I used  lots of matches before I started using the battery candles, which I’m rethinking by the way!  I miss real candles!

The other day I bought a small candle and YES, I’m hooked again!  The smell, the ambience, the glow!  Hooked I tell ya!

So I pulled out my wooden matches to light it and remembered… this idea I had seen.


Look at that ratty ol’ box!  Not very nice.  Pinterest to the rescue!

I found the perfect jelly jar,  put the matches in it and cut out the strikers from the box.


I got out my handy dandy glue gun:


Cut one of the strikers in half.  (I put the other one away in case this one wears out).

Then I applied some glue!


There you have it.  A much neater solution to keep your matches!


The match stick jars I’ve seen have the striker on the outside of a canning jar.  I put them on the inside, to keep them from getting wet.


I think it’s the perfect, two second solution!


Now I need to go and get s’more candles!

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Wooden Match Stick Jar

  1. Oh this is clever! I’m going to do this. The little match boxes are so cheap and fall apart to easily, plus they’ll slide open spilling the match sticks all over the floor, which is never fun. And yes, my vote is with real candles, also love them. 🙂

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