Pinterest – Inspired by Everything

Hello!   Happy Friday!

I started to do a Halloween post today but when I started my search, I was uninspired.  I know! Halloween is not even here AND I need to get busy decorating my office.  (I think this afternoon). You think I would be into Pinterest Halloween.

However, as I sit here and drink my Pumpkin Spice coffee and scroll thru the images,  I’m drawn to everything BUT Halloween!  Yes, another mish mash of images, ideas and websites.

That is after all, what Pinterest is about.  I love that about it!  Don’t you?

Let’s take a break from the ghosts and ghouls –  Enjoy.

Remember to click on the image to be taken to the original website if it is available!


Last night I stopped at the store for a few things and I picked up some Pumpkin Spice creamer.  Wow its so good.  Nice break from the black I usually drink!


I have to show my daughter this!  She loves Bobbie pins!  It’s the details.  (I never pay attention to detail, you probably noticed that about me!) 😉


I don’t know if I would ever do this, but I love it!


I love this look!




I wonder if someone is actually sitting here right now in this room, drinking a pumpkin spiced coffee and reading their favorite book!  I hope so!

reading room

Cupcakes!  Self explanatory and so easy and fun to do with kids. I really like these types of images.  So much info in a short, visual space.


OMG, so stinkin cute!


With that, I am going to end with these beautiful flowers just for you!



Tomorrow I’m off to golf 18 holes with my daughter.  I am so tired just thinking about it!

Have a wonderful Friday and I will see you tomorrow evening!



3 thoughts on “Pinterest – Inspired by Everything

  1. I adore that library. I have always coveted a library like that – somewhere warm, inviting and comfortable that I could just curl up in and read my favorite books. I read a lot so I’m sure my fiance would like me to move it away from reading in bed when he’s trying to sleep 🙂 Pinterest can definitely break any creativity block I’m experiencing.

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