18 Holes

Hello!  Hope you had a wonderful Saturday.

We did 18 holes today and it was not bad.  My kid did complain a little here and there, but we got through it in 4 hours.

The course took us about half hour to get to, kind of out in the country. Going toward Ventura.


It was a nice warm day.  Lucky because rain in the forecast next week.


It’s so nice to live so close to countryside like this.  No oranges on the trees now though.


The course was interesting.  Very confusing!


You had  to cross greens, follow paths, walk up hills and around bends.  People were helpful.  I can’t wait to go back again. The price is right, the greens were great and I thought it was a really interesting course.   Cheap too!


They only charged me $30.00 for both of us!  She was free!!!


Including a cart.  Such a deal!


18 holes!


And look, we almost struck oil! 😉


It’s a pretty course.  Not a lot of water though.


Which is good, less lost balls! Lots of planes overhead.

Felt like I was in North by Northwest sometimes.


It was a good day.  I did well for walking it.  It was good for my kid to see that 18 is not that hard.

She has Q School in a couple of weeks (more on that  in another post) and that’s 18 holes.  When she starts tournaments  it will be 36 holes in two days.

Honestly, I don’t know if she will continue to golf as its going to get more challenging.   I sure hope she does.  But if she doesn’t I will be disappointed, but it won’t be the end of the world.  She has never asked to quit and that is a good sign.

At least we will always have golf as a mommy / daughter sport.


I am pooped though. 

See you tomorrow. 😉  


4 thoughts on “18 Holes

  1. Glad you found something you and your daughter can do to spend time together. Looks like the weather really cooperated this time. Excellent day for golfing 🙂 I went hiking in the mountains last week. Have to schedule in a few more outdoor activities before winter comes and it gets too cold. Have a fun Halloween. Hope she gets lots of candies this year 🙂

  2. I wish that I knew how to play golf. Playing it well would be ever better. It’s such a good sport to go throughout the years, and it’s great for networking and adult events.

    Incidentally, my dad made us play a sport every season in high school, and I think it was a very good thing. Encourage your kid to do the same: it’s good for her mind and body, helps develop discipline, and helps with college.

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