Office Halloween Decoration

Hello!  Is it Tuesday already?  What ever happened to Monday?  Gulp!

It’ll be the weekend before you know it.

Tomorrow we have our big Halloween potluck and it’s a tradition to decorate our cubbies, carve pumpkins, make chili and dress up.  You can do one or all and enter the contests.  I have chosen to enter the cubby decor and pumpkin contests. 

I’ll show you my pumpkin tomorrow or the next day.  Actually daughter decorated it and it turned out really cute.  It’s in seclusion until tomorrow’s contest.

Now this is hard to hide.

Here is my office before:


Pretty darn plain, right?




Here’s my office now!

I added a few touches.



Just a few!


Do you see a slight resemblance?


Now I see it!




I love this corner!  See the branches I painted?


I love this dollar store mummy!


But the best part is this!  I made a huge spider web out of yarn.  So cheap!


And the construction paper clothesline!


I put a computer monitor underneath it and have a real fire going!  (see the branches with the owl?)

(I know my pictures are not the best, iPhone pics!)  But I wouldn’t blog without it!

Everyone loves it!  I think it might be a contender tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Office Halloween Decoration

  1. hahaaaaa so cute!! We are having a Halloween lunch on Friday (yes, that would be November 1st LOL) with a costume contest. I would LOVE an office decorating contest, how fun!

  2. That is VERY cute. We dont do anything here at the office, at all. Two of the ladies usually wear a Halloween-type scarf or broach, but that’s it. A contest sounds like a lot of fun.

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