52 Week Catch Up – Not

Oh my gosh!  I got online this morning after my walk to check out my checking account balance and…

It is not good!

There is no way I can catch up with my challenge this week and probably not next Sunday either.

So I O U!


Next weekend is my daughter’s first Q School for the VCJGA!

The room and the tourney is paid for.  Her golf lessons are paid for too.  But that is not what broke the bank!  (It didn’t help though)!

I actually ended up paying over $900.00 for airfare.  We are not driving to Portland, we are flying.  It’s actually cheaper than driving.

I had an extra check this month and used it for that.  I squeezed myself really tight!  I mean really tight.  When we get 3 checks in a month instead of 2 it really IS NOT extra so what the heck was I thinking?

So here I am again!  Zero!


If I didn’t go to Oregon I would be in good shape, but it is so important to me to make sure we visit my mother. 


This will work out.  This is going to be a tight month, but it will be well worth it.

I will keep a record and make up that 52 Week Challenge money soon!

How are you doing on the challenge?  It’s hard right?


10 thoughts on “52 Week Catch Up – Not

  1. It is hard! I’m so far behind on the 52 week challenge I feel like I’d be better off starting over in the New Year. We had so many unexpected medical expenses this year that I keep falling behind. I will also have an “extra” paycheck this month. Much needed to help get back on track.

    • It looks like we might all be starting again in January! I want to fully fund mine before that, not going to be easy! But I have too! The more I think about it, the more it sounds like the right thing to do! Maybe we can all start again in January!

    • January! Lets start a new one in January instead of April. However, I am going to try my darndest to get all the money in there before that so I can get a CD going for my kids car. Wish me luck!

  2. I hear you on the flying being cheaper than driving thing. I have had situations before where flying is actually half the cost of driving. Seat sales are great for that, but also just when gas prices are so high, and mileage, it’s not worth driving. Hope Oregon was fun!

    • I am looking forward to finally spending a thanksgiving with MY family. For 14 years I have been spending it with my daughters dad and his mother. His mother passed this year, and I just really want to spend it at home with my family. 😉 Can’t believe the numbers comparing driving and flying!

  3. I get coughs up and then something comes up. Right now my sister is visiting from Connecticut so I took a $100 and took her wine tasting and lunch at the vineyard. I’m not sure I can make it up before jan1 but will try.

    • Hi Tahoe, my 52 Week Challenge goes to April. But If I were behind and didn’t think I could catch up, I would start over in January too!
      Maybe add a couple bucks moving forward to each week to catch up? I think I am going to cheat and try to get it all done quickly and then start a new one in January too!

      So maybe we can start together! good luck!

  4. Oh, I need to do that! But with all this contract work, I can’t save much – I get started and then the contract job ends.

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