Gone Fishin!


Not Really!  However, I sure have taken a few days off! 

Wow, I haven’t posted since Halloween! 

But I am here!  I will post my 52 Week Challenge Catch up later today too.  Then we will be Square!  😉

I’ve been busy doing my lake walk, thrift shopping for jeans, catching up on some TV!  Nice.

This is my 3 day weekend, so yes, I walked all three days.  (Actually getting ready now for the walk today).

I’m so low on jeans that I decided to go thrifting!  I bought 5 pair.  Of course I had to get 4 pair hemmed.  That cost me more then the jeans!  I paid 4.99 each for the jeans and 10.00 to hem them.  Ouch!

I feel lucky when I can get good, like new jeans at a thrift store. 

Last night I watched The Heat!  I thought it was a riot.  Lots of
F-bombs, but that just made it funnier for me.  Her mouth!  LOL!


I would watch that again!  Call me juvenile!  These two are perfect team.

Well, with that, I gotta get some online banking done and get my butt up and out to get in that 3rd. walk. 

See ya later with 52 Week Challenge update. 

Oh and Happy Daylight Savings time!

Fall Back



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