The Painting Has Arrived & More

Remember back a few months ago when I said I was going to get this?

I got it.


I really wanted to put it in my bedroom but it worked here so well!


I love it.  My kid loves it. That wall has been bare since we painted. (It looks better here than in that office right?)

This wall is bare too:


I am thinking about moving the clock to the bare wall and putting the picture in my bedroom there.  That would leave my bedroom completely bare.

I will show you and you can tell me what you think in another post.  Too much going on!

No hurry, I can work on that some other time.  Tonight I have to work on a little light reading:


And to do that I have made sure I have some ambiance!


For dinner tonight I made the clams & linguini!  OH EM GEE, have  you made this yet?  To die for – seriously make this!

More news! My kid might get the option to join the Swim
Team during the off season of golf!  Yes!  We are so excited.  She is swimming for the swim coach on Wednesday.

No worries, Golf is still her thing, but swimming will enhance her strengths!

More on that later.  Golf this weekend too, her first tourney!  So busy right now, we are crazy!

Oh yes, I needed that glass of wine!

See you tomorrow!


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