It went down!


How did that happen?  I have no clue.  But getting a Authorized User credit line didn’t help me one bit!



I know its Friday, but I am still in training and will have to catch up with Pinterest Pics soon!

Have a great day and I will hopefully be posting from a Hotel Room tonight!

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “It went down!

  1. You know, credit is just a mysterious thing. And I mean that in a bad sense! Something that judges people’s lives so harshly and can cost or save so much money shouldn’t be some obscure, unattainable formula. I let my card report an additional $525 (so total of $600 spent on the card that has 4000 limit), and I got my credit dropping 4 points. It’s still less than 8% total usage across all credit lines, and less than 15% for that particular card, but I still got docked. Hmm.

    Yours has a nice jump though!

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