Parsnips and Rutabagas – Huh?

Have you ever made or eaten parsnips?


Neither have I.

Have you ever made or eaten rutabagas?


Neither have I.

I want to!   Maybe next week.  I need new veggies and I thought that these sounded interested. 

I think they are in season too, well, at least the parsnip is.  I have no idea about the rutabagas.  I didn’t even know how to spell it! 

Thank goodness for spell check!

This week is flying!

But it hasn’t gone so fast that I haven’t had time to think about weird veggies!



6 thoughts on “Parsnips and Rutabagas – Huh?

  1. Parsnips are like richer smoother tasting carrots. They can be boiled but taste better roasted. They also take longer to cook. Rutabaga, also known as turnip, is nice boiled and mashed but needs something sweet like apple and carrots to smooth it out

  2. We eat rutabaga a lot. I cook it in the microwave, wrapped in paper towel! We don’t add anything to it.
    My husband loves parsnips. I cook them the same way I would cook carrots. I am not a huge fan, but I don’t really like cooked carrots either. Love them raw, just not cooked.

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