Lompoc Golf Tourney

Well, we did it.  My girl got her first big QSchool out of the way and let me tell you, she learned so much.

She had a tuff day out there, playing by the rules 100 percent!  No ifs and or buts!

She did okay, she wants to go back and that is all I care about.

We started out today going to get our free breakfast at the hotel.  It was a nice enough place.

A pond on one side.


And a pool on the other.


Not a bad place to spend one night.


I would do stay here again.


After we checked out we headed to the golf course.

We were greeted by deer and Monarch butterflies!


The club house was nice.  They served us lunch after I was finished with my volunteer duties and as the kids finished 18 holes!


Before the games began, the kids hit some balls. Love the range here as they get to hit off the grass!  Nice.


After my girl tee’d off it was time for me to go to my post. 


I was in charge of the 9th green.  My job was pace of play. I recorded when the pin was set back in the hole.

So I waited for the kids to show up.


Then I watched them putt.


Then I recorded it.

Then it was lunch time and then time to go home. 


Its so nice to drive thru the mountains and canyons.


And then come out on PCH!


I love this state!


Just in time for sunset!


So there it is.  That is done.  More of those tourneys to follow and I have other things she is going to join.  She will soon do 36 holes in 2 days.  Today was only 18, she has to do better to advance.

I have officially become one of those moms! 

This weekend only cost a about a tank of gas and 100.00 including food.  I didn’t have to pay for the room.  I don’t think we will be doing any  more sleep away until next year.

The thing I want to do is get her new golf clubs.  My gosh, everyone had top of the line everything.  But for now, she can play with what she has.

Heavy sigh.  It will all come in time.


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