Down To the Wire

So…today I have about $321.04 in my checking.

And… today I have a check outstanding for $360.00! 



But this didn’t have to happen!

I had enough to cover that check.

not enough

Before I headed over to Vons on Sunday night with my kid in tow and picked up a bunch of junk that neither of us needed.



What a dumb a**!


3 thoughts on “Down To the Wire

  1. I am not a great saver, but I got a LOT better when I looked at saving as a gift to my future self. Instead of saying, “Do I want X or not want X,” since it was really hard to always say no to myself, I started asking myself if I wanted X or the cash to cover a future emergency (flat tire, medical bill, etc). I would so much rather go through future emergencies with less stress that I barely spend money anymore.

    (That said, new clothes are my vice. A lot of my wardrobe was almost a decade old – worn out, dated, and inappropriate for a thirty something professional woman.)

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